Friday, January 09, 2009

Some firsts

My tiny 40 GB hard drive was down to 200 MB of free space and it was causing problems! So recently I sorted through a ton of digital photos on my hard drive, moving them to external storage. This hugantanormous collection of digital photos can be divided into two simple categories: photos of my son and photos of my books. I selected a bunch of the early book pictures to share here.

The first hardcover book I ever made is the brown one in the middle, and it is a hardcover pamphlet binding. And if my memory is working for me tonight, it would have been 2002 when I made this. I still have this brown book, but of course I did not sign or date it!

The first weekly planner that I rebound to make a custom planner. This was probably made in 2002 - I think that is a 2003 calendar although I can't tell for sure from this old photo and I do not have the book now. My mother might have been the final owner of this book, so she likely still has it. Edit: Apparently my mother did have a date book made by me at that time, but not this particular one.

I went through a phase of making cases to use as folders and such things and I found photos of a couple examples, both from 2002 or 2003.

This first one, I made for myself and used it quite extensively while working on my Masters degree and it proved very functional and practical. The paper tablet slides into a slot on the back so it could be replaced, and I had a pocket in the center for a pen, and a pocket for loose papers, and it had the attached elastic as well.

Another folder example, smaller overall, but with 3 sections to roll up together. I do not have this anymore and I do not remember where it went. Do you have it? Edit: My mother does have this one!

The first two fully bound, sewn on tapes, backed, and cased books that I made at home. These are blank journals sewn onto linen tapes, library-style binding with split boards, and hand sewn endbands. I did one in this style previously in a class, and these were the first attempt to make similar books at home with no proper equipment. These were likely made in 2003. (Sheesh, I really should keep better records. But I can narrow it down quite well by remembering where I was living and/or working when the books were made...)

The first limp leather longstitch journal that I made, also 2003. It has a short wrap-around flap with two buttons as a closure. I gave this to a friend and I think he is still using it because I saw it somewhere around his place not too long ago!


Carol said...

I love posts like this, that show beautiful handmade books and make me feel the need to start book binding. I'm moving to my new home next Friday and can't wait to get my workroom set up. I have your problem with too many photos on my hard drive. I've bought an external drive, just need to put my mind to it. Another job for the new life.

DangAndBlast! said...

Excellent, all. Just made my first planner, lovely and leather-bound (cased in), for my uncle - monogrammed it too with a Kensol - and he loves it, and fool that I am I forgot to photograph it. The thing about giving planners, as opposed to blank books, is that people *have* to use them -- none of the "it's too pretty, I don't want to mess it up" idea. And, of course, I got the idea from you. Thanks! Sure do need to clear out the guest room / my craft room, though, so I can make more fun stuff...

Rhonda said...

Thank you, Carol and DangAndBlast!

Carol, you must have so many projects on your 'to do' list having to wait all this time until your move is complete!

D&B, great point about the planners, they are really meant to be used! No point keeping a date book for something special, lol.

lori vliegen said...

oh, that's so much fun to look back on first projects! i love your folders...not only are they pretty, but functional as well! and one of these days i'm going to start making some leather's on my list, but you know how that goes! :)

moonbindery said...

Great books--it's always fun to look back, isn't it?

By the way,Rhonda, I just tagged you on my blog to play book tag--strictly voluntary, of course! I thought a former librarian and current bookbinder would have some good thoughts about books! :)


Rhonda said...

thank lori!
and thanks for the tag, barbara. i enjoyed reading your bookish tidbits :D

the Friend said...

Yes, I do have it! It is my address book.

Rhonda said...

haha, i thought so!