Sunday, November 09, 2008

Newest issue of The Bonefolder

The Fall issue of The Bonefolder was published last week. I was looking forward to this particular issue because of the Bind-O-Rama component. The past four years, they have hosted this online exhibit, with a different theme each time:

2004 Springback
2005 Millimeter binding
2006 Flag book
2007 GBW Anniversary Catalog

For the 2008 Bind-O-Rama, submissions were accepted for books made using any of the binding styles previously featured in The Bonefolder. So quite a mixture, including: the springback binding, drum leaf binding, the tunnel book, the millimeter binding, the flag book, the limp vellum binding, a twined binding, and some others. You can download the PDF to see all the books, including a springback binding that I made.


Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed the books you post about. I'm trying to gear my blog towards papercrafting and the like, once I get into the swing of it all. Mind if I link to your blog?

Rhonda said...

thanks! sure, i don't mind if you have a link.