Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Limp bindings from Tallinn

I recently received Limp bindings from Tallinn by Monica Langwe Berg. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful book. She has examined a set of limp leather bindings at the Tallinn City Archives in Estonia and in this book she reveals them to us with photos, diagrams, and terrific descriptions. In addition, she juxtaposes a series of contemporary interpretive bindings by professional bookbinders from Sweden and Estonia. The book itself is lovely too, with medieval style illustrations, offset print, gorgeous paper... and I just found out that there was a limited edition of 100 bound using a limp leather structure - how perfect!

Check out the last issue of The Bonefolder to read her teaser article about this book.

Monica Langwe's website:


High On Craft said...

I have no idea what any of that meant, but I love seeing other people get passionate about their passion!! :D No wonder you are so great at what you do!

Rhonda said...

heehee, thanks high!!

Katie Kennington said...

I also sell handbound books and today I was just surfing the web to see what other bookbinding blogs were out there...I am really new at this love affair of bookmaking. And I just have to tell you I LOVE YOUR BOOKS. I am so jealous of the amazing classes you have to learn about paper and books. I only took one class at my university and have just been sort of self teaching myself since. I hope to someday be making work as beautiful as yours. Thank you so much for sharing!!

-a fellow book lover, Katie

jackie said...

Enjoy your blog and have 'tagged' you on mine. Not to worry if you are too busy to join in.

Billie said...

Hi Rhonda

Just to say that I love your blog and your books as well. There is a blog award waiting for you over on my blog.

Billie :)

Rhonda said...

Thank you Katie, have fun with your new love affair!

And thank you Jackie and Billie :D