Friday, September 19, 2008

Time for China

There is a new exhibit opening today at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, Colorado. The exhibit is entitled "Modest in Scale" and features bookworks five inches or less and modestly scaled prints, drawings and paintings. I have three works in this exhibit, including this little book.

"Time for China" is a very small book that is shaped like a teabag and also the same size. It is a limited edition booklet that I printed using a set of rubber stamps that I carved depicting all the elements of a perfect little tea party.

Abecedarian Gallery is operated by Alicia Baily (, an artist whom I met at PBI a few months ago. Besides creating rather fabulous artists books herself, Alicia also spearheads some other very interesting projects through a group called Spondere (


Pegg said...

Rhonda I love your tea bag book, love your printings of everything essential for tea!! Fantastic, gorgeous work!

High On Craft said...

That is really neat! I didn't know that you carved stamps Rhonda. Your talent is multifaceted!

Laura Bucci said...

Very neat project! I like the way it looks.

Rhonda said...

thanks so much Pegg, high, and Laura!!