Sunday, September 07, 2008

Broken Needles

Is it unusual that I break needles so often? 2 or 3 per month? Is this typical? Must be related to the type of sewing I'm doing, using thick threads and sewing through leather a lot.

A few days ago, I had this particularly spectacular break resulting in a double fracture. One needle, three pieces. I use large-eye blunt #18 bookbinding needles as well as Crewel needles (maybe they are the same, I don't know). I'd be interested in hearing opinions on good needles!


Sue B said...

I bought some great needles at I haven't had one break on me yet.

Billie said...

When I used miliners needles or tapestry needles I had breakages too, but since I've used needles said to be for bookbinding I've been ok. I did break my paper piercer but that was stupidity (I tried to pierce two layers of leather and a pile of watercolour paper to sew a stab bind!!! DOH

Here's the one's I use

For thicker threads the shop suggests these



Elissa said...

I feel your pain. I've had ongoing problems with curved needles...once they've gone through a cover enough times, the eyes crack open. It happens with both bookbinding needles and sewing needles, so I just buy the cheaper ones now.

Kiley said...

Wow I feel kinda special now.

I've never had a needle break on me and I just buy the cheap ones locally. I use the #18 sharp for my straight needle and whatever they sell for the curved needles are thinner but I've had no problems with them either.

I do like the three piece split, If I'm gonna break a needle I hope it's that spectacular!

UxCritter said...

You've gotten some great helpful suggestions on here so far. I'd recommend a 3 sided leather needle. I used these when I worked with leather, and found they cut through the leather like a hot knife through butter. I loved how easy they are to use.

Good luck with whatever needles you decide on and I think saftey goggles may come in handy if you are going to break any more needles! That sounds scarey your 3 way break!

Billie said...

Hi Uxcritter

What is a three sided leather needle? Can I buy them online as I'm in the UK?


Billie :)

Rhonda said...

thanks for all the suggestions sue, billie, elissa, kiley, and ux!

ux, i've never seen a 3-sided leather needle either. but i don't like pointy sharp needles, i poke myself a lot so i prefer the blunt ones.

UxCritter said...

Hey Billie and Rhonda,
The 3 sided needle is easy to search online if you'd like to see a photo of one, just use Google Image search and you'll get an idea of one there. I see that it's also called a Glover's Needle. I used to buy from Tandy products and that was the needle I used when I made leather moccasins and boots. Hope this helps to define this needle better for you. It's a wonderful needle to work with on thick leathers.

Pegg said...

The triangular leather sewing needles are called glovers needles. Mark and I have used them for years for various projects, they are wonderful, worth trying I would say. Here is an Etsy seller:

not sure if links work here.

Pegg said...

Also Etsy seller turquoisehorse sells them:

judyofthewoods said...

Yes, three-sided leather needles are best for leather work.
As for the snapping into three parts - that is the Spaghetti Effect, so named by the late physicist Richard Fyneman, who never solved the problem, but according to the above article, a couple of other scientist have worked it out now. There must have been a bending force at the ends of the needle, I imagine, for it to brake in that way, like holding it close to the end, and pushing sideways on it just as it went into the leather. Just a little trivia, but shows what not to do if you value your eyes, unless you are happy to work with goggles.