Monday, March 10, 2008

Travel Journals

I've been having fun making some travel journals. Nothing new with the bindings, but I've been playing with the overall design a bit. The first one here is very small, definitely a mini journal. It has lots of pages, plus an envelope in the middle, and a little zip-lock baggie bound in near the back. And of course the leather is lined with part of an old map. As well, rather than one of my standard closures, I've attached an elastic which seems like it might be better when you're on the go. This little book has a combination longstitch and link stitch binding.

More pics on Etsy

This purple book is bigger and better. The pages are mostly white card stock, but there's also one section of lined grid paper. There is a purple envelope near the back, as well as a double pocket page in the middle made with some pretty translucent craft vellum. This one also has an elastic closure and the binding is one of my favorites, fondly known as the longstitch-through-a-slotted-cover.

More pics on Etsy


Kiley said...

I love the backing of the maps on the leather... I had never thought of that, but then again I don't work in leather like you do!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Kiley! I was really happy with it too - my first attempt at anything specially intended to be a "travel journal" so maps seemed logical :)

tulibri said...

hi Rhonda, great book! Adore the "map lining", too. Also a way to personalize travel journals according to the destination. After using my first travel journal in my holidays, I can tell that the bags are somewhat useful!

Leather Travel Journals said...

These leather books look so amazing! I am such a fan of handmade books, especially when their pages are handmade paper. Great binding, I love all of them!