Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Crazy Coincidence

A really bizarre thing happened in my Etsy shop. The other day, someone purchased two journals. Shortly thereafter, another person convo'd me and said that they had those same two books in their shopping cart and were just about to checkout, then the books disappeared! Now, what are the chances of that happening? I was really floored by the coincidence. So the person who didn't get the books asked if I could make the same books for her. I did that, and duplicated them quite closely.

Now, if only that person had come through and actually made the purchase! But no, the customer changed her mind after I had the books done. A bit frustrating. But those books are now listed in the shop for anyone else to buy. I was able to make those two books quite quickly since I didn't have any other custom orders or requests to fill at the time. Things have I got an order for 10 journals and they have to be ready by Monday, I have 4 days left, eek!

And now my 2 year-old is trying to be helpful.

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