Thursday, March 21, 2019


Hardcover options for coptic-style books:

1. This option is essentially any decorative paper (marbled or otherwise) with optional book cloth along the spine edge and the corners if desired.

2. This example mixes a couple different types of paper and the black strip is actually a chalk board. (Could also be a white board.)

3. This one is actually a softcover. The cover is made with a thick handmade paper, then an accent piece added on the front. Hardcover could be done the same way, all one colour of cloth or paper, with an inset picture or label on the front.

4. The cover can done with any decorative paper, the same all over, front and back. This example also has matching decorative paper around the spine edge of each of the signatures, which makes the spine look covered.

5. The book shown here isn't a coptic binding, but this kind of thing with gold lettering and metal corners can also be done on a coptic-style book.

6. A nice subtle approach is to do the cover all one colour and have a raised or embossed shape on the front cover.

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