Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bookbinding Bookmarks

Book Artist's and Binderies

Out of Binding - Carmencho Arregui

Alicia Bailey

Alice Austin

Ball Peen Bindery

Carol H Norby

IntimaPress Fine Art Book Editions

Pierre Ouvrard Collection

Melissa Jay Craig

Monica Langwe

Roberta Lavadour, Mission Creek Press

Eden Workshops

Gaspereau Press

Iowa Bookworks


Timeline of events related to books and paper by Knops Conservation

Hand Bookbindings at Princeton University Library

Publisher's Bindings Online 1815-1930

British Library Database of Bookbindings

Six Centuries of Master Bookbinding

The Centre for the History of the Book

University of Iowa Historic Bookbinding Models

Spanish Archival Bindings

Limp Vellum Bindings

History of Flip Books

American Bookbinder's Museum


Artists' Books Online

Future of the Book

The Book Arts Web

The Bonefolder

Book and Paper Arts Forum

ALA's Book Arts on the Web

QuietFire Design


Skin Deep Newsletter

Free Online Bookbinding Books


Canadian Book Binders and Book Artist's Guild

Pacific Center for the Book Arts

Bookbinding Etsy Street Team

Guild of Book Workers

Estonian Book Artists

Les Amis de la Reliure d'Art du Canada

For the Photos

Tom Bendtsen

A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries

International Edible Book Festival


Maiko said...

the library link is really neat! i want a ginormous library XD

and the edible festival sounds HAWESOME

Clara said...

Thank you for these, Rhonda. You're generous to take time to share these and to create your tutorials.