Thursday, October 01, 2009

The first 4 flag books

These are the first 4 flag books that I made. This effort was prompted by the B.E.S.T Book Swap. Our last swap was all about flag books so I had to make one. But I had never made one before.

The very first one: it uses found images for the flags and the accordion, and the cover has some of my paste paper on there. There is a quote about blue skies printed on the back of the flags.

The second one: it also uses found images for the flags. There are a few lines from the Frost poem "Birches" printed on the backs of these flags. The book cloth on the cover was hand-painted then backed with paper to make book cloth. I did not do the painting, though, it was a friend with whom I swapped some book cloth several years ago (thank you Leah, if you ever happen by here and see this!).

The third one: this was made in preparation of the fourth since I had an idea for the fourth, but wanted to try it first. I used more found images for the flags (somehow I manage to collect a lot of images in triplicate or quadruplicate or quintuplicate and this turns out to be handy when playing with the flag book structure). So I wanted the silly bobkitten (or whatever sort of beast that is) to pop through a frame.

After successfully getting that bobkitten to pop through his frame, I was ready to do it again with real flags. So, this very literal flag book is made with Canada flags, obviously. And it worked, the maple leaf pops through nicely. Some of my own marbled paper is on the cover. This is the book that I submitted to the B.E.S.T Book Swap and you can check out all the flag books on the team's blog if you are interested.


Merry said...

These books are all stunning. Love the images your have used especially the cat on the third book.

acornmoon said...

These look great, you have inspired me to give it a try!

Paper Chipmunk said...

These are great Rhonda! I can't believe they're your first ones.

BookGirl said...

Love the modified flag book, Rhonda (the final image). It strikes me that this lends itself to a variety of content. Will have to play with someone similar to see what happens.

Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you Merry, acornmoon, paper chipmunk, and bookgirl :-)

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