Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Holy Promos, Batman!

I've had a surprising number of unexpected promotional spots this month. Etsy recently had a contest for members to create posters using items for sale on the site. They had over 1000 entries and picked 60 winning posters. They will be using them as promotional hand-outs at events. I did not create one of the 60 winning posters, but one of my books is included on a winning poster! So that seems like a great deal since it will include my Etsy shop name and such on the poster as well. Here's the winner, created by Soap:

Also, on August 16th one of my journals got a spot on the Etsy homepage. That is super exposure. My shop got over 70 new hearts that day and the number of product views on that pink journal went from about 60 to over 700. I still have the book, though. But I did have the wherewithal to take a screen capture.

A few days earlier (Aug 12) I found one of my books on the Dawanda homepage too. I'm not sure how the featured items are selected for that homepage, perhaps it is just random. But nonetheless, there I was. Dawanda doesn't exactly have the same level of traffic as Etsy. I've only had one customer from that site so far, and sometimes it is 24 hours before a new listing will get any views. When it was on the homepage, the views for that particular book skyrocketed from about 5 to 21!

Ok, when I initially wrote this post yesterday, I had never been featured on the Mintd homepage. I had mentioned that they had contacted me last week about doing a "featured seller" spot about me and my books in an upcoming newsletter, and that newsletter was sent out to members today! Unfortunately there was a little error in it, i.e. they forgot to include a link to my Mintd shop. But they also have it featured front and centre on their homepage right now.

The interview is posted in the Mintd blog. I haven't had any sales on Mintd yet, so any exposure would help me there!

Now I've been featured as the most recent Funky Find on the funkyfinds blog for Aug 19th. My stuff is just showing up everywhere!


maiko said...

huzzah for promos :D i saw your pink book on the homepage! that's exciting!

BookGirl said...

This is terrific stuff, Rhonda! I can see why you're excited. Well deserved.


Rhonda said...

thanks maiko and bookgirl :)