Sunday, July 08, 2007

Testing some new websites

Through the Etsy forums, I've met a number of other sellers of handmade goods who sell on several websites simultaneously. This week I decided to check out two of these sites and I have now registered with both.

The first site I checked out was Mintd which is an Australian-based website. The interface is a bit awkward, the pages always seem cluttered, and the load times are l-o-n-g. But I do like the organization and the ideas upon which the site is based. The intro text says "Mintd is a global collaborative space for artists, designers and musicians to sell their work and connect to new markets." Sounds good. They also have a fun feature that rates the interesting-ness of a product and/or seller. Various factors are involved, like number of hits, number of comments, etc. The most interesting items are featured on the home page. I have registered for the Pro seller plan which means I can have up to 10 items for sale. My shop url is I now have 5 items listed there. No sales yet.

Next, I visited DaWanda which is a German website. Their homepage reads, "Unique Things & Creative People: Dawanda is the online marketplace where those who love uniqueness meet people with a passion to create." And they actually want you to report items that are not unique and/or handmade to keep the site clean. The website has a very nice layout and it is tidy and runs smoothly. A neat feature of DaWanda is the ability for users to give your item a "thumbs up" if they like it. The number of "thumbs up" it receives is displayed with the listing. Here my url is I have only 3 items for sale on DaWanda right now, also no sales yet.

I was listing my books on Etsy for about 3 weeks before I sold anything. I've only been on these new sites for a couple days so I won't panic yet about no sales. Also, there are a lot of the same sellers on all three websites. I have concluded that, on Etsy, the other Etsy sellers are my main customer base. I have sold to lots of non-sellers too, but the sellers are definitely doing lots of shopping. So if the same group of sellers populate all these websites (Etsy, Mintd, DaWanda) then sales levels wouldn't change much overall... But there must be some additional exposure benefits.

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